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Hybrid Energy

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Hybrid – A range smart, all-in-one energy storage and distribution systems for leisure markets, home and small to medium size businesses.

Thanks to the innovation hybrid inverters and patented Lead Crystal batter technology, you are now able to determine when and how much of your self-generated solar or wind power you want to store and when to use it.

You can choose from grid-tied with back-up, completely of grid, load shaving, grid stabilisation or blackout prevention on the UPS setting (uninterrupted power supply) or a combination of functions depending on how you require the power.


Hybrid is a multi-functional, energy system which allows you to become as grid independent as you want If your home is already fitted with solar panels (PV) or a (urban) windturbine, just connect the Hybrid to your system and you will, be able to store the surplus energy into the custom designed batteries.

If you are considering to start using green power resources to generate your own energy, or you just want to use Hybrid as an electricity back-up system (UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply), you will find that Hybrid can do it both.


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